Lighting Design/Installation

Lighting Design/Installation

A good lighting design can really transform the rooms in your home, there is more to lighting than having a grid of downlights in every room. A good design layers lighting effectively, chooses the right type and fittings for the space, including the right colour and type of lamp. When we add in a lighting control system it can really transform a rooms’ feeling and use at the touch of a button.


Having your lighting scheme designed sounds expensive, is it?

It will all depend on the scope of the design, but it can start from just a single room solution which can be relatively inexpensive.

What is there to design? Surely you just install lights across the whole room?

You can do that, that would light the room, however it may not create the mood you wish to create with the room. A blanket covering of downlights in a Living Room doesn’t make you feel cosy. However, some downlights strategically placed, can light up objects/pictures, whilst warmer low-level lighting can help create the dimmer, cosier lighting that can help you relax in the evening.

How could lighting control help me create a multi-purpose room?

Lighting control is an excellent way of changing a room’s mood, even use depending on how its set up. Lighting control creates scenes within the room, alongside a well-designed lighting layout it can change a kitchen from a functional space whilst cooking, to an intimate space whilst dining if its open plan, to a party space (everyone loves a kitchen party!) All at the touch of a button.

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