EV Chargers

EV Chargers

With the ever-growing push towards greener driving and less emissions polluting our atmosphere, people are buying electric vehicles. We are OZEV registered installers of EV chargers and have a range of chargers we can advise and offer to our clients, dependant on their car requirements and existing electrical supply.


How long will it take to install my EV charger?

Typically, an install would take about half a day, however if the proposed charger position is far away from the consumer unit, or away from the walls of the house then it will take longer.

Can I use any charger with my car?

There are 2 main types of plugs, Type 1 which was generally used for American cars and Type 2 which is common in the UK, used for other cars. Type 2 is fast becoming the standard plug for EV charging. There are many different types of chargers on the market, all of them are required to be ‘smart chargers’ so they can be monitored for energy usage and monitor the household, so as not to overload the supply.

I’ve heard EV chargers are high powered, will it overload my electrics?

Not is installed and setup correctly. All EV chargers installed should now be ‘smart chargers’, they have a clamp that reads the energy usage of your home. If the charger is asking for more electricity than is available to use, it will reduce it charging speed/power to accommodate for this.

I have solar, can I use that to charge my car?

You can’t charge the car directly from the solar, however there a couple of chargers on the market that are setup to work well with solar, Hypervolt and Zappi.

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